Posted on March 16, 2018

HookShot Inc. is a website that eagerly covers any interesting or noteworthy sub-$15 videogame that can be downloaded, regardless of the platform.

That means we write about iPhone games like Angry Birds, Xbox Live Arcade games like Shadow Complex, 3DS games like Zelda: A Link To The Past, Steam games like Space Chem and Facebook games like Triple Town.

Snack-sized gaming is the new frontier in video games, and it’s wild and uncharted.

HookShot Inc. exists to help us all navigate this brave new world, while pointing out the games that we believe have the legs for history.

Or, at very least, the legs for your bus ride to work on a Monday morning.

If you are a developer with a game to tell the world about, by all means let us know and we can maybe help you do that. The only rules are that is must be downloadable and offer the full game experience for less than $15.

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