HookShot Inc. is a website that eagerly covers any interesting or noteworthy sub-$15 videogame that can be downloaded, regardless of the platform.

That means we write about iPhone games like Angry Birds, Xbox Live Arcade games like Shadow Complex, 3DS games like Zelda: A Link To The Past, Steam games like Space Chem and Facebook games like Triple Town.

Snack-sized gaming is the new frontier in video games, and it’s wild and uncharted.

HookShot Inc. exists to help us all navigate this brave new world, while pointing out the games that we believe have the legs for history.

Or, at very least, the legs for your bus ride to work on a Monday morning.

If you are a developer with a game to tell the world about, by all means let us know and we can maybe help you do that. The only rules are that is must be downloadable and offer the full game experience for less than $15.

HookShot Inc. is written by Christian Donlan, Simon Parkin, Will Porter and Keith Stuart.

Christian Donlan

A regular contributor to Edge and Eurogamer, Christian is also the co-creator of the forthcoming animation series Everybody Loves a Moose. His heroes include Eugene Jarvis and Errol Morris. While he’s not very good at Drop7, he still plays it every day. Maybe he’s playing it right now.

Simon Parkin

A contributor to Edge magazine since 2003, Simon Parkin is a columnist and critic on games for The Guardian. His work also regularly appears on websites such as Eurogamer, Gamasutra and Boing Boing. His journalism was used as evidence in the court case that ended the trademark trolling career of Tim Langdell. Parkin’s first sole-authored book, The Illustrated History of Video Games will be published by Anness Publishing in 2012.

Will Porter

A former editor of PC Zone, Will Porter is a now a freelance games journalist and script writer. He is a lead creative on indie survival game Project Zomboid, a former member of the Skins writing group and a contributor to outlets such as Eurogamer, PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun and many more.

Keith Stuart

Keith Stuart has been writing about games for almost twenty years, first as features editor on Edge Magazine, then as a freelance contributor to the likes of PC Gamer, Official PlayStation Magazine, Games Master and, oh god, so many magazines. Since 2000 he has been one of the lead games writers for The Guardian, contributing heavily toward the success of the newspaper’s Gamesblog. He has also written about football for FourFourTwo and digital art for Frieze. He once wrote a book on Spanish and Portuguese national costume, which no one believes but if you look it up on Amazon.com it’s totally there.

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