Last week marked the 15th anniversary of the death of Gunpei Yokoi, the Japanese engineer who designed the Game Boy and was largely responsible for Nintendo’s entry to the video game business.

As such it seems an appropriate moment to draw attention to Anodyne, a 2D adventure game heavily-influenced by the Game Boy Legend of Zelda titles, in particular Link’s Awakening. Due for release this Autumn, Anodyne is described by its creator Sean Hogan as: “an attempt [to make] a Zelda-like with strong, focused aesthetics, and minimal item mechanics.”

Yeah, screw you items.

A quick look at the game’s melancholic trailer shows that Sean – along with his development partner, Jonathan Kittaka – have done a wonderful, effective job at recapturing the spirit and aesthetic of their inspiration. In the game you explore dungeons and landscapes in the dream world of your character, Young.

There’s no fixed price or release date as yet, but the pair expect the game to sell for between $5-10 and you can support the project on Greenlight here. Why not download the demo’s broken heart smiley soundtrack here, and think about how completely futile your life could have been without Gunpei Yokoi?