Hookshot Inc. has a close affinity to Los Angeles. It was here that Simon danced the robot a few meters from Kanye West and his taser-wielding bodyguard. It was also here that Keith drunkenly lunged at Teri Hatcher while blurting “lovely to meet you Miss Thatcher,” like a sozzled, groping old Tory.

Oh yeah, and Christian’s entire family comes from there, where they mainly shoot criminals in the ass.

Also! Also: Los Angeles is where good friend of Hookshot Inc. Adam Robezzoli, founder of the site Attract Mode lives. Adam and his friend Daniel Rehn have a Kickstarter out. Wait! Adam and Dan aren’t trying to capitalise on your warm nostalgia for a 1980s computer game that he wants to modernize for a million dollars.

Rather, their plan is of a more public service bent. LA Game Space aims to become a “resource that will foster interesting, exciting games for years to come.”

Here is indie game developer Pendelton Ward to explain the idea:

Is that clear now? Hmm. Well here’s Adam to explain a bit more.

“LA Game Space is a nonprofit center for videogame art, design, and research. It is a place for game innovation, education, and exhibition; where all of us can play and make and study and showcase games.”

OK. I think that makes sense.

“Our galleries will host large-scale EXHIBITIONS, interactive installations, performances, and retrospectives that can only be achieved at a space like this. We will be sharing catalogs, exhibition documentation, and the conversations surrounding gallery events online for everyone’s benefit.”

That sounds real nice.

“Our SPEAKER SERIES will feature new dialogues with both traditional and non-traditional game-makers. Our WORKSHOPS will introduce newcomers to the medium and explore new processes and perspectives with experienced creators.”

OK! This is something we can get behind. But wait. Despite Keith’s best efforts to move in next to Teri Hatcher, we don’t yet live in Los Angeles. What’s in it for us foreigners?

“The Space is in Los Angeles, but everyone online will be able to participate in our talks, workshops, and exhibitions,” says Adam. “All of our programs are open to anyone in the world.”

OK, that’s pretty sweet. Oh, and what’s that? We’ll get no fewer than 30 free games if we donate $15, including a new title from Keita Takahashi? WELL OK THEN.

Head along to the Kickstarter page here to get involved.

This is one of the important ones.