Juicy Beats’s Burrito Bison – one of our favourite web games – is now available for iOS.

Part of the ‘tossing genre’ (their words) it’s a one button affair in which you see how far you can launch a Bison – a premise the game shares with forthcoming Microsoft blockbuster Halo 4.

Once in the air, the animal auto-bounces on the heads of wandering Gummy bears till he loses momentum or misses a bounce and slides along the ground to a halt. Tapping the screen sends Bison into a Mario-style ground pound, allowing him to bounce higher again and, potentially gather some new speed.

The game’s joy is in the tug between skill and luck: expert timing will improve your run but there’s also infuriating excitement in seeing how the Gummy sweet arrangement you’re dealt pans out. Special case Gummies, such as ones holding balloons or bombs will have different propelling effects on your Bison and, unusually, it’s often the randomness that provides the excitement.

Each Gummy you land upon nets you some coins which ca be spent on upgrading various elements of the Bison’s skills – improving his launch speed, bounce height or reducing his butt friction – all useful in the quest for distance. That is probably enough words explaining the mechanics of Burrito Bison. It’s time to play, and see if you can launch that guy through the wall of the Colosseum.

Buy Burrito Bison for iOS here.