Clash Of Clans Review

Posted in Games on June 3, 2018

clash of clans android review

There is a variety of interesting games you can access by simply visiting the Apple store or Google Play Store. One game that has gained popularity and is available on these gaming app platforms is called Clash of Clans. Released by Supercell in 2012, this online game is played by multiple players and requires a good strategy to win. With the right skill and planning, you have the option to compete as a single player or on the multiplayer mode. The following is a Clash of Clans review.

Clash Of Clans Review

Clash of Clans is an action game that pits gamers against AI characters and actual world opponents. The terms of the game dictate that players should be at least the age of 13. The game features regular battles accompanied by explosions although there is no graphic violence. Its main component is the multiplayer mode, in which players attack villages of other opponents while protecting their own. Players don’t directly communicate with each other as the attacks happen but there is a universal and intra-clan chat feature when gamers are in their villages. Getting your village fortified and protecting it with an army requires money, which the game utilizes in-app purchases so as players purchase in-game currency for a quicker upgrade.


The first strategy is to set up a defense mechanism to cater for your clan. For this to happen, you need to utilize urban planning for the village you own. This implies that your defense mechanism will be more effective when your village is tightly spaced. Such a village is much easier to defend as opposed to one that is spread all over.

You will also want to boost your weapons in your arsenal for an even more augmented defense mechanism. There is, however, a limit regarding the number of weapons you can add, the game provides you with the privilege and ability to add more weapons as you scale up the stages from one to the other. Additionally, you need to select the right weapons for the purpose of attacking your enemies. This is made possible by choosing weapons that are versatile and convenient for use in the scenario in question.

The other strategy to implement and perfect on is the way to attack enemy territory. Nevertheless, the attacking approach you select will depend on the goal you have set. You can either choose it for the purpose of collecting gold or collecting elixir. Moreover, you should remember that attacking strategies vary at different stages of the game. What this means is that you might want to switch between strategies with every stage of the game.

Increasing your Chances of Winning

A simple way you can use to boost your chances of winning is to upgrade your gold and elixir collection to achieve their maximum. You also have to keep finding and attacking more and more villages for this to be possible. Remember to secure victories whenever you go to battle lest you end up losing your points and your gold;


Clash of Clans is an interesting game that plans to keep you on the edge of your seat. It challenges you both mentally and physically for the utmost fun experience. Download the app on your Smartphone at your convenience to get a taste of the popular game.

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