Secret Library’s Cool Pizza takes the dough of Yu Suzuki’s Space Harrier, works it using some Chun Li button mash combos before dressing it with textures borrowed from a New York design agency.

The game requires tilt controls to steer your emo girl skater into the screen but don’t hold that against it: smartly deadened responsiveness makes controlling your movement pleasurable and mostly exact.

Your aim is to steer the girl onto the flashing ramps that propel her into a Missile Command sky – black save for some mushroom cloud outlines – where you tap the screen to send her into an alien-bothering hurricane kick. Time your presses correctly and you can maintain the air combo by moving from enemy group to group, the key to securing high score and long distance.

A too-cool-for-school soundtrack from Tettix (download here) rounds off the arcade ambiance, resulting in the sort of game Atari’s sneaker pimp engineers might be making if the original team were working creating games for Apple. A safe download.

Download Cool Pizza for iOS here.