Just so you know, there were a couple of inspirations for this post.

Firstly, I realised we hadn’t written anything about Farbs yet, and that made me start to hate us. Secondly, I spent all last night dreaming of playing Captain Forever, so this morning I loaded it up. If only all my dreams would come true so easily. Except for the one with the giant lizard in the elevator.

Anyway, Captain Forever‘s been around for years, but there’s a very slight chance that some of you have missed it and that would be bad. It’s a series of Flash games made by Farbs, who I still can’t believe we haven’t written about yet, and the short description, I guess, is that it’s LittleBigPlanet by way of David Braben and Ian Bell, but all you can make is a spaceship.

Seriously, though, you can make spaceships, and it’s all wonderfully satisfying, too: the little welding fizz as you bolt a new piece on, the pop as an enemy explodes into spare parts under laser fire, the occasional brief flashes you get of…what? your own reflection? on the screen, and the endless low-level chatter of the shipboard computer in the background.

If you want a quick route to mega fun, incidentally, take a leaf out of my flight book and only make spaceships that shouldn’t work. Lop-sided beasts that thrust themselves in circles. Suicidal frigates with guns pointed inwards.

Seriously, though, whatever you do, give Captain Forever a whiz. It’s amazing, it’s right here, and, over on Edge, I once described it as “a Galapagos archipelago strung across the stars”. I am like that.