One of the more curious/ awesome games to be released during GDC last week was Kanye Zone, an HTML5 rap game in which you must prevent the Grammy award-winning rapper from ‘getting in his zone’.

Created by Michael Frederickson and his room mate Stephen Barlow, its premise is based on Kanye West and Jay-Z’s #1 Billboard hit Niggas in Paris from their 2011 collaboration Watch the Throne.

In the game you simply use the cursor keys to move a bumper around the circumference of the titular ‘zone’ in order to prevent a gif of Kanye’s head from entering the designated area.

All the while, Kanye’s lyric from the song ‘Don’t let me get in my zone’ drones on in the background (till you mess up and he’s joined by Jay Z for a chorus of: ‘I’m definitely in my zone’).

It’s cute, funny, ridiculous and pretty tough to walk away from thanks to the hourly leaderboards that decorate the sides of the site.

It’s also, from a record company perspective, a pretty neat way to advertise a song, especially since the game has racked up hundreds of thousands of plays since it was linked to on The Huffington Post yesterday.

Hookshot Inc., ever one to find itself in a fortuitous situation involving alcohol, microphones and game developers, spent the evening singing karaoke with Frederickson on the day of the game’s launch.

As such we can exclusively report that the designer does a mean 99 Problems (without needing to look at the screen to check the lyrics, no less) and a pretty amazing Eddie Vedder impression, which might make it into a sequel in which you have to maintain an Even Flow while urinating to 90’s grunge, or something.

For now, head along to and see if you can find your fortune while dutifully obeying the rapper.