Listen, I’m not really prepared to stop talking about God of Blades until it’s actually out, and it isn’t actually out just yet. When is it out? Who knows. Soon. Soon is good enough. While we all wait, though, let’s have a look at this Loreseeker thing.

God of Blades is in love with books, see? Each chapter of the game is based around a – sadly fictional – pulp meisterwork of some kind – and the studio that makes the game is called White Whale Games, for Chrissakes. I was messing around with my preview build the other day, and I discovered Loreseeker, and this takes the whole love-of-books business to a new level.

Loreseeker is my favourite use of locative gaming so far, and it’s really, really simple, too. Take God of Blades to a local library and fire it up, and you’ll discover you’re allowed to unlock one of a few very special in-game swords just by being inside such a palace of knowledge. The whole thing’s powered by Foursquare, and it works rather beautifully in the UK as well as the US – I just tested it out in Brighton. What’s more, you have to wait 12 hours before unlocking another sword. Habit-forming, I guess.

I was shot in the back while leaving the library, incidentally, due to a staggering double-digit fine I happen to have run up this year. Also, God of Blades is going to be amazing, and here’s the trailer: