This week the Hookshot Inc. team turns up to the studio in black clothes and with ashen faces to discuss that most morbid of subjects: death (in video games).

But wait! Is death in games such a big deal? Surely there’s always another life to replace the lost one, another credit to be pulled fro the depths of your pocket? Mario may fall off a cliff in 2-1, but he’ll be back for 2-2 with a stab of the button, no?

What of permadeath – the act of playing a game as if your virtual life has the same expectancy as your actual one: die and it’s all over. And what about the distinction between narrative death in games and ludic death? Can the two ever work in harmony?

More importantly, do you know which pop band Keith Stuart of The Guardian names his X-Com soldier after?

Settle down with a stiff drink and a reflective soul as we stare the end full in the face and come away invigorated. Possibly.

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