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Goodness! Is it 2013 already? We can almost feel the vestiges of youth hardening as we glance at the calendar.

But! This is no time to be glum and mortal. Video games are coming. Lots of video games. Also, new hardware and peripherals and so many announcements and trends and winners and losers and business models and art styles and new ideas and old ideas and weird ideas and invention and reinvention and it’s all coming, coming, coming on the closing horizon.

This year the Hookshot Inc. team will be focusing more fully on our podcast output (hence the rather sparse updates lately) – but don’t worry: we’ve not disappeared, we’ve just slipped from the visual to the aural. There will be the odd post here and there too, but principally we’ll be talking about games, rather than writing about them (something each of us continues to do a great deal elsewhere) on this particular corner of the internet.

In this week’s episode we’re laying down our predictions for the year. Handsome Keith Stuart guides the team through some of his ideas of what to expect in 2013, and the rest of the team pull them apart. Can we expect indie horror to enjoy an upsurge this year? Will Kickstarter be found out? And if so, how on earth will Keith get ‘Maths Bugger 2’ funded? Join us. It will be a good time, promise.

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