Carota!’s a wonderful and rather weird iOS puzzle game by Matthew Herz. It tells the story of Thaddeus the Cabbit – google it – who is banished to the centre of the earth, and then has to work his way back to the surface and the carrot that he loves.

This involves moving Thaddeus through a series of rather intricate stages by creating paths for him. The pieces of these paths come on tiles, and Thaddeus generally has to clear a set number of tiles to get to the exit. Tiles lock in place once he’s crossed over them – although when different coloured tiles enter the mix there’s a little more leeway here – and can be rotated with a double tap or moved around with a swipe when you’re still getting them into position.

On top of all the mechanical stuff, there’s just something effortlessly odd about Carota!, and I only mean that in a good way. With the 16-bit visuals, the understated humour, and the strangely restless JRPG-styled score, it really transports you somewhere unusual. If Lewis Carroll or Mervyn Peake ever made a puzzler, it might be a little like this, and that’s pretty much an endorsement right there. (Helplessly off topic, but Peake’s Alice illustrations are pretty special, although I prefer his Treasure Island stuff. Check this out, for example.)

Carota!’s available on iTunes for £1.49.