Okay, they had us at hello with that title, but the team at Secret Base also kept us playing past that point with this smart riff on Gravity Hook.

You’re in vertical marathon territory with Tobe and Friends’ Hookshot Escape, if that makes any sense: the screen is forever scrolling upwards and you have to leap from one platform to the next, collecting trinkets and defeating enemies along the way. What makes it feel more like Gravity Hook than, say, Doodle Jump, is that Tobe, the game’s initial playable character, has Link’s Hookshot, allowing him to zip from one ledge to the next with a variation on the good ol’ double-jump. There’s a lovely combo mechanic that rewards you for chaining moves together, and every twenty minutes or so you unlock something that feels genuinely useful: a new piece of equipment, or an alternate character with their own special move.

Secret Base previously gave us Tobe’s Vertical Adventure, a neat little platformer for PC and – I think – XBLIG, and it’s the developer that has come the closest, if you ask me, to capturing the sweet art style of Cave Story. If you’re not ready to take the £1.49 plunge with Hookshot – or if you’re an Androider rather than an iOSer, there’s a Flash version that offers a slightly stripped-down take on things right here.

Oh, and this is the trailer: