Be honest: do you spend an awful lot of time thinking about the days before the Legendary Blade was forged? I do. In fact, I’m thinking about those days right now. I’m also thinking about Infinity Blade Dungeons, which is set in that very period too. Lovely.

Dungeons is a Diabloish hack-and-slash for iOS, by the looks of things. It’s super pretty, and it appears to have been made by Epic itself rather than Chair Entertainment, the friendly guys behind Infinity Blade 1 and 2. Boo. Oh well, I’m sure it will be fab anyway. Do people still say fab?

Modojo – they’re fab – has unearthed some in-game footage, probably without moving actual earth, and you can check it out here. As for us, we’re content with the teaser trailer you’ll find below. Advanced warning: it contains the phrase “prologue to the Infinity Blade universe.” As a man who can speak American, I should probably translate that for you.

It means “prequel”.