You may well have heard of Lego Cuusoo, the Lego modelling blog which allows fans to submit their own creations for commercial release. Earlier this year, a Minecraft set earned the requred 10,000 votes to set the approval process in motion and the bigwigs at the company approved it – you can now pre-order your own Lego Minecraft microworld. You probably already have.

Now, skilled Lego fan, Czar, has submitted a set based on XBLA favourite Castle Crashers. His model features four knights from the scrolling hack-’em-up as well as a War Machine mini-boss. The game’s developer Behemoth has got behind the project, calling for votes in its latest news letter: “Can you imagine all the knights in the Thieves’ Forest running away on LEGO deers? Maybe they could even include poop stickers,” it states, hopefully. Just 215 votes have been secured at the time of writing so clearly there’s a long way to go.

let’s hope this starts a landslide of similar indie gaming Lego designs. I’d pay good money for a monochrome LIMBO playset, or a Journey landscape, complete with authentic relics. Which games would YOU like to see in the form of plastic bricks?