Did you ever see Strange Days, the largely disappointing but still occasionally mesmerising cyberpunk thriller from Kathryn Bigelow? It revolved around a little cycling helmet thing that went on your head and let you experience the feelings and actions of another person. However, sometimes the system crashed, leaving users trapped in an endless vortex of screen static. That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw Memory of a Broken Dimension.

I first saw this earlier in the year, when the Tokyo Game Show announced the games that would take part in its 2012 Sense of Wonder Night, which showcases indie developments from around the world. Created by US coder Ezra Hanson, operating as Datatragedy, it’s a weird first-person puzzler seemingly set within a crashing computer system. Lines of code race across the screen, monochrome fissures slash the darkness, fizzing electronic noises crash int he background – it’s like trying to play a the decaying remnants of a 50s emergency broadcast.

Anyway, I suddenly remembered it again when Phil Fish tweeted a YouTube trailer:

And I had to go on about it here. Watch it with the sound turned up in a darkened room – it’s like a data ghost crawling out of the screen at you.