We’re just weeks away from the latest Minecraft Xbox update, says Paddy Burns of 4J Studios. The developer is working on the 1.8.2 build which will offer a whole range of new features to the console version of the game. But what exactly can we expect?

To find out, we got some questions to Paddy and he replied. Want to know about the Creative Mode and SuperFlat Terrains, which allow players to concentrate on crafting amazing buildings? Or the new tutorial mode features? Read on!

Okay, the obvious first question, how is creative mode coming along?
Creative Mode is pretty much done now. One of the challenges was to try to keep the number of groups in the menu down, while also trying to plan for the space required for the new items coming in the near future. The last thing we want to do is to have the players learn where items are in the Creative Inventory Menu, and then have to re-learn when the next update comes out. We will have a new tab coming for potions in a future update, but we’ve got the space to fit that.

It looks like you may be adding Superflat terrains. For those people who haven’t played the PC version, what are these for?
The Superflat world creation option is used to generate a completely flat world, at a level close to bedrock. This is something players like when they just want to use Creative Mode to build some kind of massive structure without needing to first excavate a flat area. One change we’ve made from the PC version, in response to a few requests tweeted, is to also generate a flat Nether world if the superflat option is set. We’re expecting to see a few nice Nether creations with that!

Enchanting is another area that many are looking forward to – what elements of the PC version’s enchantment features will arrive, and how do you think it will change the way Xbox owners interact with the game?
The Enchanting Table and Experience Points (XP) system will be arriving sometime after update 1.8.2, and it adds a whole new depth. It gives the players a very good reason to take on some of the enemies in the game instead of running away from them, or hiding in a house and sleeping through the night. By defeating enemies, the player can pick up the Experience Orbs dropped to gain XP, and can use those points to ‘enchant’ items at the Enchanting Table, giving the item special abilities. For players who feel they have built everything they can think of, it gives a different way to play the game.

Will you be modifying the tutorial mode at all? I’ve seen that the easter egg elements are changing, but will there be other additions?
We decided that it would be good to have the tutorial world showing the new terrain features of 1.8.2 (Strongholds, Villages, Abandoned Mineshafts and Ravines), so we have a new world with the previous tutorial training area transplanted in it. Everything beyond the training area has changed. We’re also added a few new mini-tutorials for the 1.8.2 features. We previously added some Easter Eggs elements for a bit of fun, and it went down very well with the players, so we’ve expanded these and tried to be pretty devious with our hiding places for some. It’ll be good to see how quickly they are found this time!

Elsewhere, 4J Studios has been busy posting videos of other new features. This one shows off the cave spider, Enderman and silverfish mobs which are arriving on Xbox 360:

And this one has some mouthwatering new foods, including melons, apples and edible chickens:

We’re still waiting for an official launch date for 1.8.2, but it sounds like the end of September is a good bet. More soon!