I’d been waiting for the right moment to try Serious Sam 3: BFE, and it turned out that the right moment was this weekend, because I had the flu.

Well, probably not the actual flu but a sore throat and a headache and all that stuff, anyway. In between Co-codamol (excellent, BTW) and O. by Michael Brough (even better), I played through a good chunk of Sam’s latest on Xbox 360. Hammers were swung, bullets were dodged, alien gibs filled the screen. It was all rather comforting, really.

That’s the weird thing about Serious Sam: it’s gory and violent and relentless, but it’s also wonderfully satisfying to just zone out in front of. The levels are wide and open, the environments zip past at 60 fps, the horde attacks are nicely spaced out and the weapons are all quick to reload. With no real puzzles to get in the way – and very little in the cut-scene department to bust up the flow – you can just empty your mind and blast away, and you’ll end up feeling wonderfully happy.

I imagine it’s hard to make a game like this. There are probably hundreds of things that have to fall into place so that you get Serious Sam rather than Duke Nukem Forever. I’m glad Croteam put the work in, though, and I urge you to check it out for yourself. You probably shouldn’t even wait until you’re under the weather, in fact.

Serious Sam 3 is available on Steam for £29.99 and on Xbox 360 for 1200 MSP. I appreciate that the pricing is a bit weird. Co-op is not quite as generous on 360. Oh, and there’s new DLC and it’s fun.