It’s a risky time for quietly inventive indie games to barge into the release schedules. Late October/ early November is the time when video gaming’s heaviest-weight releases are lowered onto the stage, greedily grasping at our attention with their marketing spends and feature girth. So whatever fanfare heralded Pid’s arrival onto XBLA, PSN and Steam yesterday was smothered by the noise and bluster of Halo, Need For Speed and the other Goliaths of Christmas, which is a shame as it’s a beautiful, fascinating game deserving of some attention.

You play as Kurt, a young protagonist stranded on an alien (yet warmly familiar) world. Your principle tool in this side-scrolling platformer is a gem that turns into a beam of light when it strikes any surface. The beam works a little like a blast of air, pushing you along its trajectory when you jump into it and, by using two beams of light at once, Kurt must overcome a series of inventive challenges. A co-op mode gives each player a single gem, forcing them to work together in deciding the best positions for their light beams, promoting genuine teamwork.

A steal at 800 MSP/ $9.99 there’s also a deluxe PC version on Steam which comes DRM-free with soundtrack, concept art, sketches, illustrations, posters, wallpapers, renders and even an early design document so you can see behind the curtain of its creation.