Behold: the consummate eternal puncher. Punch Quest is a free-to-play triumph – the story of men, wizards and gnomes with big fists knocking seven shades of sherbert from dungeon-dwelling nasties. Download it now, and thank me later.

Taps on the right of the screen unleash furious blows from your pugilist as he casually sprints from left to right, while a dab on the left provides leaping upper-cut action. Combos are built, and bruised monsters are left in your wake – while an ever-increasing hoard of ‘Puncho’ currency stacks up waiting to be frittered on your next fist-based outing.

As with so many mobile games, Punch Quest focuses on the completion of in-game challenges to usher in progress – handily recruiting a menu-based gnome (it’s that sort of game) to direct you to what you should be equipping to ensure your relentless march to greatness. Punchos can, of course, be bought with real money too – but the game’s systems are so gracefully weaved together that you’ll never really notice the upturned flat caps of Rocketcat Games and Madgarden, or their beseeching expressions.

When you earn and equip more abilities (block comes in useful) you’ll survive the Punch Quest caverns for longer and longer spells – which become ever more bonkers to suit. You’ll choose alternate routes for different prizes, you’ll punch bosses in the face/eyeball and you’ll even pilot a dinosaur on a Laseraptor Rampage. This really is a game where anything can happen, usually does, and then adds in some gnomes for an encore.

Punch Quest is gorgeous, insane and utterly absorbing – proof positive that the best things in life can generally be received by hitting them really hard until everything is dead.

Download Punch Quest for free from the App Store, why doncha?