Hello! We’re going to be at Rezzed this weekend, in a purely informal capacity. Are you? I would say, “if you see us, come and say hi,” but I’m under no illusions about being particularly interesting, and the whole “come and say hi” thing always puts me in mind of some Brian May-haired local radio DJ shambling around at a village fete and paying people to ask for autographs in the hope his ex-wife might see it and realise what a terrible mistake she’s made leaving him for a dentist. Anyway, don’t bother with saying hi. Go and see qrth-phyl instead.

What’s qrth-phyl? you mumble, praying nobody asks you how it’s pronounced. It’s the new thing from hermitgames, you idiot, and he made Leave Home, which is basically one of the best shooters ever ever ever. qrth-phyl’s based on Blockade, which you might know as Snake, except this time it’s set in 3D space, covered in lovely plasticky lights and colours and also contains elements of mixed-media documentary and biography!

qrth-phyl’s at Rezzed as part of the Leftfield collection, which will also include stuff like Gunpoint by Tom Francis, which I love everso much too. Tom won’t be there, though, because he’ll be out breaking necks and smashing through plate glass windows. Will Hermitgames be there? We’ll have to wait and see. (I have no idea.)