Morning! The time has come to ask yourself what your favourite game of the PlayStation Mobile line-up is. I’m not sure you can say Super Crate Box either, since that feels like cheating. Kind of.

For me, it’s close: Fuel Tiracas by the ever-reliable FuturLab is a rather lovely twist on Whack-a-Mole, and it’s clever as well as pretty. I think Rebel, by PomPom, just edges it out though: it’s a top-down action game in which you have to run around defeating your enemies by luring them into shooting each other.

It’s surprisingly exciting, and it showcases the same kind of cardboard art stylings PomPom’s bringing to Wildfire Worlds. More importantly, it feels like PomPom is looking past Robotron: 2084 and channeling Alan McNeil’s marvellously weird arcade pioneer Berzerk.

If so, that’s kind of neat, because Robotron was channeling Berzerk, too. McNeil’s game threw players into a world in which robots were closing in from all directions, see, but then he had the brilliant idea of making the robot AI fallible, meaning that, alongside shooting them, you could also spend your time luring them into shooting each other, or blowing themselves to pieces on the electrified walls.

Man, I wish I had a neat way of wrapping this up, but my wife is watching Curb Your Enthusiasm really loudly in the same room and I can’t think straight. Rebel’s available on PS Vita and PlayStation-certified devices, BTW, and it costs £1.59. No store link, because why would you want a store link to a downloadable smartphone game in 2012? (I’m going to look pretty stupid if there is a link and I’ve just missed it. Eep.)