Receiver’s a bit of an escort mission, really, and the thing you’re escorting is your gun. Most shooters are happy to stick with aiming, shooting, and the occasionally button tap to reload. Receiver is not most shooters.

Instead, it’s a brilliantly pedantic adventure in which you must nanny your gun through every conceivable stage of prep, painstakingly sticking bullets into the clip, screwing around with that slider thing on the top, and always remembering what state your weapon’s currently in before you enter a new room and face a new automated sentry. It sounds annoying, but it’s actually weirdly refreshing: this is a gun game that makes gun games seem exciting and surprising again.

On top of all that, the world you’re exploring is modular enough to be scrambled each time you die and reload, meaning that you’re always tackling challenges in a slightly different way. It’s wonderfully atmospheric, too, with midnight skyboxes, dark corridors, and plenty of those up-lighter things you see rich people plumping for on Grand Designs.

The poster boy for the recent 7-Day FPS jam, Receiver’s available here for $4.99 and it runs on PC, Mac and Linux. If you’ve pre-ordered Wolfire Games’ Overgrowth already, you get it for free, too.