Lurid colours, gull-wing doors, blunt objects and hyperviolence: no wonder Hotline Miami was the game that everyone ended up talking about at Rezzed.

Developed by Cactus and Dennis Wedin, this is a top-down splatterfest that plays a little like the first GTA crossed with good old Loaded for the PS1. Remember Loaded? Lovely stuff.

You’re a dead-eyed shell of a man, anyway, living it up in Florida in the late 1980s. Your house is filled with empty pizza boxes and a wonderfully pixelly NES, and occasionally the phone rings with a message that sends you heading out into the city to smack people around with bats and golf clubs, stab them with knives, or blast them to pieces with a selection of guns. Get in, kill everyone, get out, and then pick up your payment at a local eatery. Oh, and try wearing a rubber animal mask while you’re at it, okay?

I got about a half hour with the game, and I love how tense it is: every new room sees you perched in the doorway planning how you’ll tackle its occupants, every encounter’s over in seconds, and the average life lasts about a minute. I also adore the sense of hangover misery the pixel art conjurs: it’s all too brightly lit, too vividly shabby. Better murder everyone, then, eh?

Hotline Miami’s out for PC and Mac at some point – and maybe some other platforms too. We’ll keep you posted.