Just a little thing about those guys at Rovio and their modest cult hit, Angry Birds. The furious avians have released a teaser video on YouTube, boasting about one billion downloads for their pig squashing physics game, but also hinting at what’s coming next:

Some (including Pocket Gamer) have seen in this brief glimpse of a boy standing in a room full of weird contraptions a remarkable similarity to last year’s iPad favourite, Casey’s Contraptions by Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut. Could Rovio be handling an iPhone conversion? Has it bought Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut? And wouldn’t Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut be great names for a maverick TV detective duo?

Have a look at the video anyway, and if you’re over 30 prepare to gruffly say, “hey, this all sounds just like the Amiga classic, Incredible Machine! Are there no new ideas under the sun?!” No. No there are not.