Sony continues to be a keen benefactor of quirky music games, support that’s demonstrated in Sound Shapes, a forthcoming PlayStation Vita game designed by Jonathan Mak (creator of PSN’s Everyday Shooter) and Shaw-Han Liem (the Canadian electronic artist known better as I Am Robot And Proud) and produced by Canada’s Queasy Games.

The game is a side-scrolling platformer in which every action in the game produces a new sound effect, or adds a new audio track. In this way the soundtrack builds and grows as you progress through each stage, creating a gently unique composition by conducting the sound shapes according to your particular actions. House producer Deadmau5 has provided much of the soundtrack, with these audio samples reportedly being made available in the game’s editor to be tinkered with.

Art comes form PixelJam, developer of Dino Run and Corporate Climber and, Hookshot Inc. discovered that good friend Mathew Kumar, sometime contributor to Edge magazine and founder of the Exp. fanzine has been working as a designer and producer on the game for the past six months.

As Sound Shapes nears completion, the US PlayStation blog reveals we can expect a demo on PSN soon. For now, here’s a hands-on video of one of the levels, showing how the basic game systems work with the audio to create what is undeniably a Mak-esque experience.