I promise I am going to stop writing about Spelunky. Just two more things, though, wrapped up in one final post. Then I’m done. Honestly. Probably.

A pug

Oh man, in Spelunky HD you can transform the damsel into a guy, or a pug, or a guy, a pug, and a damsel. This changes everything – the pug does, anyway.

Damsels give you an extra heart, see, if you can get them to the exit alive. Misogynist that I apparently am, I could never get too excited about lugging the standard damsels around in the original game, so I often didn’t benefit/suffer because of this brilliant/deadly proposition.

Now they’re pugs, I can’t leave them trapped in those mines/jungles/ice caverns/temples, though. I just can’t! I’ve got extra lives coming out all over the place as a result. Could you leave a pug in a mine? No. A woman or a man? Yes, by the looks of it. It’s transformative.

The only problem I have these days is that I can’t sacrifice them to Kali anymore. Swings and roundabouts, I guess.

A link

This, by Tom Francis – who else? – is the best thing ever written on Spelunky. Also, he’s got some handy tips here.