Lovely. Also, 3 isn't such a bad score.Vlambeer’s astonishingly wonderful Super Crate Box is headed to iOS fairly soon, which has filled me with joy, because it’s an arcade classic, but also just the tiniest touch of fear to go along with that joy.

That’s because Super Crate Box is all about the buttons. It’s possibly the buttoniest game ever made. It’s about jumping, shooting and racing around in tiny environments that are filled with enemies. Without the feedback and precision that buttons provide, it could be in trouble.

That said, having now played around on a preview build for a few minutes that turned out to be an entire afternoon, the whole fear angle is starting to subside. SCB’s virtual buttons are almost as good as the real thing: large, well-positioned, and unusually responsive. It’s the result, I suspect, of the dream-team developer combo of Vlambeer and Halfbot, which is handling the port, and it means one of the greatest PC arcade games of the last few years is likely to be similarly productivity-shredding whenever it hits the App Store.