Puzzle games in which you manipulate the environment rather than the protagonist are all the rage on smartphone. Cut the Rope, Where’s My Water, Spider Jack… it’s something about the touchscreen, isn’t it? Somehow, it just feels natural to manipulate onscreen objects and items in this way. Also, they always have cute creatures in them somewhere, and they’re ace.

So here comes Tap deLight from Polish developer Tequila Mobile, previously responsible for Bubble Universe and Fantasy Kingdom Defense HD. It’s an intriguing puzzler, in which you must guide moths through hazard-filled environments by manipulating light sources, thereby attracting the fluttering little critters. Of course, timing and planning are likely to be the key requirements… because they always are in environmentally controlled puzzle titles.

“PLAY IT YOUR WAY is the core idea behind Tap deLight” explains executive roducer Aleksander Zemke in the press release – even shouting the first bit so we completely get it. “We hoped to combine an innovative, simple concept with the sandboxy nature of games in vein of Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. Now, as the release date is closing in, I feel confident in saying we succeeded”.

The game is set to launch in May on iOS and Android devices. It will be free, but players will get the chance to purchase new content and levels at a later date.