Have we talked about Tentacles yet? I hope not, because I’m about to talk about Tentacles, and I’d hate to be even more boring than usual.

Tentacles is a lovely smartphone game, see, where you play as a nasty little four-extendo-limbed thing crawling through someone’s innards. It’s a bit like InnerSpace, really, except you rip your enemies’ eyeballs out with a rather unpleasant lunge move, and that lovely Dennis Quaid is nowhere to be seen.

Traversal, combat, and the occasional challenge sequence are all very well. What’s really lovely about this, though, is the way each tap of the screen sees you placing another limb and slowly dragging yourself through the world. The animation conveys a lovely sense of elastic movement, and the game feels very tightly rigged, if that makes sense. You know, as in rigging.

Anyway, Tentacles is available for iOS here for 69p. I gather it’s on Windows Phone 7, too, but I can’t find the link on their store because I’m stupid.