So what’s the best day of the year? Christmas Day? Halloween? August 11, feast day of Clare of Assisi, the patron saint of television? No, it’s November 7th, because that’s when ToeJam & Earl hits PSN and XBLA. Okay, that’s only the best day of this year. Normally it’s Halloween.

ToeJam & Earl is my go-to game whenever I need to describe that special excitement I used to feel about games back when I was a kid. Super Mario 3 may be my favourite game ever, but ToeJam & Earl was the one I was excited about for the longest. Reading about it in Mean Machines, it looked mad and full of secrets. Imagine my surprise, then, to find out that it really was mad and full of secrets when I actually got to play it.

Mostly, this is because ToeJam & Earl is actually a roguelike – a voguish choice today, but more of a risk back in the era of Sonic. You never know what you’re going to find when you step out of that classic orange elevator, but you do, at least, know it’s going to be gloriously animated and filled with Mad Magazine detailing.

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron’s getting a release on the same day, too. On PSN both will be priced at £3.69 each, and on XBLA they’ll be bundled together for 800MSP. Here is an Edge thing about ToeJam & Earl, BTW. Here is a Eurogamer thing about ToeJam & Earl.