Velocity is my new favourite game, and, as of 16th May in the UK – or 2nd May if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber – it can be yours, too. That’s when Futurlab‘s race-tuned  PS Mini will hit the PlayStation Network. That’s when your life will start to disappear in arcadey little chunks.

Futurlab’s latest is a vertically-scrolling shooter with a graphical style that reminds me a little of games like Uridium – except it’s Uridium with teleporting, as a press of a face button brings up a cursor allowing you to zap around obstacles and into the heart of enemy attack formations. Throw in shooting and collection challenges, short but warrenously-constructed levels, and stages in which your fuel will run out unless you keep your foot on the gas, and you’ve got something pretty special, if you ask me.

Expect a proper review from me when the game’s available. For now, here’s a lovely trailer.