Wall Street Titan is a game that takes revenge on the greedy capitalist pigs who destroyed the global economy by doing their sums wrong and something to do with sub-prime mortages.

(Ask Donlan – he explained it all to me once.)

It deals with the Wall Street protests, which seem strangely dated now, but posits you as a giant robot staring into city streets below. Your mission is to kill anyone in a suit through furious tapping, and doing your best not to crush anyone that’s part of the 99%.

Any suits that escape can call the cops, who are armed and dangerous despite their ant-like appearance, and eventually your continued destruction will have the tanks of the army trundling in to play. As such there’s a pleasant sense of snowballing GTA chaos while you slam your charged fingers down on ricochet-ready traffic – which itself has something of a tang of Burnout Crash.

You’ll start out protecting hippy tents in a park, and then move onto stations and stock exchanges. It’s simple, silly stuff – but certainly of an equivalent value to a packet of posh crisps.

Disclaimer: The writer used to work for the same company as one of the developers, and once met up with him when he had time on his hands during a trip to Seattle, and they drove around for a bit in his cool car. At one point the developer attempted to impress the writer by juggling four balls at once, once the vehicle had been parked in a carpark, but the writer was wise to this and made sure his eyes were shut for the entirety.

Play Conditions: Wall Street Titan was played for this piece over a series of train journeys from Haywards Heath in Sussex to London – the capital of England. Train tickets were paid for out of the writer’s pocket. A download code was provided to facilitate the piece. The writer pays for the iOS device the game was played upon in monthly installments. 

The link to the App Store: Wall Street Titan can be downloaded from the App Store for 69p.