The classic tabletop dungeon adventure, Warhammer Quest, is coming to iPhone and iPad next year. The game is being developed by talented UK studio Rodeo Games, responsible for the awesome Hunters turn-based strategy titles. In the original game, launched in the mid-Nineties, groups of four players guide their mercenary heroes into a series of Old World locales grabbing treasure and slaughtering beasties. On iOS, it’ll be a turn-based romp, with one player controlling all four characters in a clan.

It’s a dream project for the chaps at Rodeo, and one that came about due to the sort of chance meeting beloved of Hollywood script writers. “I was sat on a plane last year going to E3,” explains creative director Ben Murch. “The guy next to me was playing Hunters. Turns out he was head of licensing for Games Workshop, a company that we love…..and I mean some serious love going on here! We hit it off, and here we are a year later, making a game with them!”

Warhammer Quest will use the Taurus Engine developed for Hunters 2. “It means we can really focus on developing the parts of Warhammer Quest that made it such a great table-top game: truly unique hero characters and brutal enemies from across all the Warhammer races,” explains Murch. “Also, a big, big, big new feature this time round is fully 3d characters – they were sprites before. Huge decision, but necessary because of the vast amount of loot and equipment you can have. It means, when your character has the Blade of Leaping Bronze, it’s actually right there in your on-screen hands! It’s really important to us that players can customise their characters and physically see the changes as they go through the game”.

So how closely will the design adhere to the table top original? “Our game is very similar,” says Murch. “I mean, it’s so well designed in the first place it makes for the best base! I guess a difference would be that one player is controlling all four heroes, rather than four players controlling one each. We had to make that change though, because our version is really a single player game. Also – and this is really for the hardcore fans of WHQ – we’re using an XP system to level up characters rather than Gold”. Apparently, multiplayer is a possibility further down the line, possibly as DLC after the initial release.

Rodeo has also release a trailer, which you can watch right now, right here:

The studio won considerable critical acclaim for its Hunters titles, and it seems Warhammer Quest is going to continue the team’s ambition to bring much deeper, more considered gaming experiences to portable devices. “Something which is really dear to all of us here is to keep supporting the iOS systems with awesome games that we want to play over a long time,” says Murch. “Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good games on iOS, but there are only a handful of hardcore gamers’ games out there. By continuing to up our graphical quality, gameplay experiences, storylines, and whatever else, we’re hopefully raising the bar so other devs will want to better us.

“If we all keep pushing for the best, then deep, engaging and meaningful experiences on your iPad or iPhone shouldn’t be that far away. I mean, can you imagine Skyrim or Heavy Rain on the iPad? WHQ is our great big step in that direction…”

Rodeo is working toward a Q2 2013 release but says an early version of the title will be shown off at Games Workshop’s UK Games Day at the Birmingham NEC on Sunday 23 September.