This is a quick one for a Wednesday morning, because we know you’re busy tidying your desk and getting ready for a day of exciting work. But listen, Lucky Frame, the chaps who made the awesome musical tower defence game Bad Hotel are back. They’ve just released a teaser video for their next project, Wave Trip. Billed as a daring musical adventure in a beautiful geometric world, it looks to retain some of the clean design and quirkiness of their previous title, with some more developed DIY audio elements and a level creation tool. Here is the vid:

Looks nice, don’t it? There are elements of Sound Shapes, and maybe even Vib Ribbon if we squint hard enough, completely close one eye, and just indulge in a spot of creative wishful thinking. The team say there are putting some screenshots on their website soon. For now, they’ve sent us an exclusive one of the music editor.

“We are really excited for Wave Trip, because it intertwines music creation and gameplay more tightly than we’ve ever done before,” says Lucky Frame director, Yann Seznec. “Playing the game generates music based on your actions, so you build up songs as you progress through a level. Even more exciting, though, is the editing interface we’re including for creating your own levels – modelled on standard electronic music sequencers. The level editor that is in the game is the exact same one that we are using to create the built-in levels…once you make your own levels you can share them publicly, so we’re hoping that we’ll have loads of crazy levels by people from around the world!”

Okay, you can get back to your tidying now. Maybe have a coffee. A biscuit? Go on, it’s Wednesday, you need all the help you can get.