He’s a gaming icon, he’s the Deus Ex guy, he’s a resident of the House of Mouse and he always looks dapper in his beloved blue shirt. There’s one question that needs answering however. When he’s not overseeing the creation of Epic Mickey: The Power of Two, just what could Warren Spector be playing on his phone?

Hookshot Inc brings you the story that the rest of the games media were afraid to touch…

“I have so many games on my iPhone it’s terrifying.” explains the charming Spector, after a busy day extolling the virtues of Mickey Mouse and Musicals. “I think that on my death-bed I’ll still be playing Drop7. Frank Lantz and the guys at Area Code who made that are just geniuses.”

“I don’t even want to tell you how many games I’ve played.” he explains, ruefully shaking his head. “It keeps a track of your stats and… I just can’t tell you how many…” At this point he trails off, presumably locked behind a mental wall of ones.

But wait! There’s more! “Hero Academy is also awesome.” States Spector, breaking from his reverie. “That’s some ex-Looking Glass and Ensemble guys – it’s pretty swell. That and Drop7 are probably the two games that are getting the most play from me right now.”

So there you go. I wonder what Maggie, Warren Spector’s dog, thinks of it all?


“Woof! I don’t like it when Master plays Drop7! It means less stroking and cuddles for me!”

Well, there you go. PC Zone in-jokes die hard it seems.