Cripes. So many reasons to like this. The pulpy sci fi narrative, the prog rock lettering and album art backdrops, the spectral swordsmen and the fearsome sense of connection. God of Blades is pretty much glorious, basically.

The idea? Canabalt with swords, if I’m being miserably reductive. Choose your blade, jog from left to right, and slice down everyone in your path. It’s all gently technical, with a series of different swings and blocks to employ, and there are magic attacks tied to each weapon, too, making the selection process something to linger over. (Plus they all have cool names, of course.)

Also, the outfit’s called White Whale Games, and look at all those harpoons in the little guy. For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee etc etc.

Where? iOS, Mac, and PC. When? Soon. Excited? Yes.